Although drain smells might appear to be more of an irritation than a sign of a serious drain concern, when chemicals, such as bleach are used to combat unpleasant smells repeatedly, it is likely time to have a Baltimore Drain Repair professional to examine the water lines. Using chemicals for odors in drains just masks the odors momentarily, in instances where the stench continues to come back again. These types of temporary solutions aren’t going to be dealing with the root issue and actually, might be making it more serious. Keep reading for more information regarding the several sorts of drain odors a Baltimore ¬†homeowner may be going through and some potential causes.

Smelling Sewage and Drain Clogs

One potential smelly drain culprit can be a clog, especially if the smell is potent in the kitchen area or main restroom. Smells of waste or sewer gas can be an indicator of a clog. This can be great news given that sewer clogs usually don’t mean the water pipes have to be replaced. From time to time, if perhaps there is a little clog from the residence to the outdoors sewage system, the discharge lines might back up. The clog within the discharge line can increase until finally the line is totally closed off. Of course, that could lead to slow drainage, also. To fix the water lines, a Baltimore plumbing expert can be brought in to snake the pipe until all of the debris causing the blockage is removed. But, the sewer discharge pipe may be backed up because of a tree or bush root. If this is the situation, the pipe will almost without a doubt have to be replaced plus the plant extracted.

Smelling GasBaltimore Plumbing Repair

Smelling gas out of ones kitchen sink or bathtub drain can cause worry, understandably. A Baltimore Plumbing Repair specialist can help discover what exactly may be the problem. However, this can be an issue connected with chemicals. All of the chemical drain cleaners used to unclog, clean up, and mask odors in drains can ultimately cause the water lines to deteriorate and spring a leak. The smell of gas can be brought on by this sort of leak letting in sewer gas. But, if a plumbing expert has identified the gas is not sewer gas, one might just be encountering build up of organic waste or an aging pipe. Unfortunately, in each of these instances, it will be necessary to replace the plumbing. If you have copper piping, we recommend swapping them for PVC pipes. These pipes will help protect against odors, last longer, and work more efficiently.

When a Baltimore property owner is encountering foul smells coming from their drains, we spring into action. These odors aren’t only uncomfortable for the entire home, but they may also end up in or signify some serious problems in the plumbing. Strong smells could reveal a variety of problems which, if ignored, could, undoubtedly, get worse. Don’t mask drain odors, call Plumbing Repair Baltimore right now!