Encountering low water pressure could be irritating, and it may feel like there may be nothing that can be done to resolve the situation. But Plumbing Repair Baltimore would like you to know as much as is possible with regards to fixing the frequent issue of low water pressure along with likely causes. Limited water pressure could be more than merely a aggravation, it may very well be an indication of a considerably larger concern. There are some solutions which can be easy and quick that many homeowners could complete without the need of outside help, while other solutions do require an expert. Inadequate pressure may be affecting each of the faucets throughout the home, or the issue may be isolated to the shower. Knowing what could cause these types of issues and the right way to handle them could keep the pipes performing at maximum efficiency and could certainly improve your everyday lifestyle! Continue reading for additional information related to repairing your Baltimore water pressure problems.

Mineral Deposits

Minerals like lime and calcium are commonplace in water flowing in quite a few properties these days. Such minerals can build-up within water lines and cause low water pressure. This is probably the most common factors that cause too little water pressure. There may be build-up through the entire property’s plumbing, resulting in low water pressure all through the property, or the build up can be contained to the main pipe going into the shower. Either way, the pipes will most likely need to be replaced, unfortunately. Then again, corrosion and lime also can build up on shower heads and faucets leading to some weaker water flow. Cleaning the faucets and shower head often could help stop further blocking of water flow. Additionally, one could possibly want to look at setting up a water softener. A water softener gets rid of many of the minerals which produce build up.

Check the Pressure RegulatorBaltimore Water Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators don’t regularly experience problems or malfunction. Regulators are preset and are often placed where the main water line comes into the home from outside, so it isn’t going to frequently get knocked. However, when the water is dripping from faucets rather than flowing, the pressure regulator might be the issue. If perhaps the regulator is not functioning correctly, a Baltimore plumbing professional can ascertain if it has just been knocked and needs to be reset allowing ample pressure to the property, or if there’s a more serious issue.

Water Leaks

In the event that there is a water leak anyplace on the main water line or on any of the water pipes, weak water pressure can occur. Even tiny fractures on the pipe may lead to the lower degree of pressure. Unfortunately, many of these kinds of leaks take a lot of looking into to uncover them and they are generally in spots that aren’t visible. We advise checking out the pipes that are accessible, like under sinks, for evidence of a leak. Some indications of little leaks include damp places near or beneath the pipes and condensation on the pipes.

The Family Handyman suggests installing a¬†water pressure booster system to help even too, and go on to says “Some municipalities require a reduced pressure and backflow preventer to be installed when a water pressure booster is hooked up.” (read more here…)

There are several additional factors that may be leading to the lack of water pressure in one’s Baltimore home. A plumbing repair expert is always recommended whenever one is not secure or knowledgeable with plumbing. Give Plumbing Repair Baltimore MD a ring today if your family is done with low water pressure!