In the course of the winter season, its very important to accomplish everything one could to be certain the water pipes in ones Baltimore residence do not freeze. There are a number of tips homeowners can take to successfully reduce this from taking place that we want to share now. Accomplishing this will help greatly with protecting against a costly Baltimore Plumbing Repair and the expense of any damage from leaking water from a burst water pipe might cause.

Turn the Thermostat UpBaltimore MD Plumbing Repair

We understand that homeowners are thinking about the rise in energy costs each year, however it really is essential to utilize ones thermostat prudently. Having a more consistant setting on the thermostat may help with avoiding frozen pipes, particularly in the evening hours when temperatures are usually the lowest. For houses that contain uninsulated crawl spaces it is useful too. And also, days while one is not going to be at home for extended amounts of time, a fantastic thermostat setting is above 55° F.

Insulate Unprotected Parts of the Household

Parts in the residence that are not specifically heated, like the basement, attics or crawl spaces, make sure that the insulation amount is at the ideal amount. Homeowners ought to do their utmost to prevent the frigid outside air from getting into these areas. It is very easy to never give these kinds of places a lot of thought since no one is in them often.

Add Heating Items Directly to Exposed Pipes

These kinds of products can be picked up from a hardware store to protect any pipes open to the elements. Heat trace cables, pipe insulation sleeves or heat tape work well that can help insulate pipes. They can be all excellent methods that can keep pipe temperatures above freezing degree and to stop pipes from bursting. One could wrap pipes using newspapers up to about 1/4 inch to shield from freezing temperatures.

Space Heater Assistance

Any pipes that do not have any defense from making use of any of the things mentioned above can also be kept warmer by making use of a space heater in the general space. It won’t need to be turned up very high. It only needs to have the pipes above freezing levels. Cabinet doors beneath sinks may be kept wide open using a space heater close by too.

Insulate Exposed Outdoor Pipes

All outdoor pipes, or pipes that might feel the cold of the outdoor weather easily, such as an open garage, additionally really need to be insulated good. Having garage doors shut helps a great deal. It will likewise assist the energy efficiency of a hot water heater, in case it is established in the garage. In the fall, homeowners really should empty and shut interior water valves that travel to exterior hoses. Outdoor valves must remain open for the duration of the wintertime then so any kind of water still in them is allowed to expand without bursting the water pipe.

The American Red Cross has some excellent tips here too.

House owners are welcome to get hold of us with any problems and as always, we are here for virtually any Emergency Plumbing Repairs in Baltimore.